Our Story

Brightlink is one of the best shipping company in Oman and also multinational company happily serving over three nations (UAE, INDIA, OMAN) offering wide range of services that includes grade A freight forwarding , travel & tourism (leisure,medical, pilgrimage etc.) our promising quality, transparency and trust with our loyal customers enabled us to quickly grow and serve more and more  in a sparkling sense of time. We continue to look forward to unlock the future of enormous growth by learning cutting edge technologies that evolves so rapidly unlike never before in the history of mankind .

We always wish to make us so unique simply by understanding who we are and what we are in a very natural way and we want our customers to say who we are by experiencing a smooth process in every aspect of movements , be it  sea, land, air, at Brightlink we are trying to offer a straight lined transparency and a simplified theory which can by pass the difficulty of knowing god knows abbreviations and hidden charges of shipping , therefore it makes a real sense of easy understanding even for new walk in client who ships for the first time , at the same time we put our best effort to make our customers grow. That’s why we kept our core motive as when you grow, we grow and we apply this in to our every fundamentals of action. With in very short time we became a build a brand like best shipping company in Muscat Oman because of our valuable services and trustful handling.  So welcome aboard!